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I decided that I wanted to do one of these things, be warned though: all of these are slash and the majority of them are explicit

However, there are some gen and non-explicit ones, just not many...They are all good stories though and they're listed by couple, they're all taken directly from my faves, so that excludes a fair amount of my more liked fics. Also, some of these go back to post-GoF, which just goes to show how much of my life I've been reading fic…

Fics!!!Collapse )
This one is a death eater attack on hogwarts, and for whatever reason the order/good side is being forced to retreat, blah blah

Random ficlet, I forget even what I was going for on this one, but I still feel like I could finish this one...just a random plot bunny--sudden ending again, but it also means no harm




Yeah, this is honestly pretty awesome, but it never got anywhere...unfortunately...it's very sad...very, very sad

So, I don't own Scooby Doo or Harry Potter or anything having to do with either, so yeah

Excuse the sudden ending, it means no harm



Okay, this is a more recent idea so it's not badly written at all, thank goodness! It's sorta a past meets future kinda thing... I don't like to romanticize the middle ages, though it seems popular in the HP fandom, I imagine that the castle took a long, long time to build even with magic and during the winter before the castle or whatever shelter was fully finished they would have to retreat elsewhere, in this case a cave, to try and survive the winter. Normally when this was done it never ended well, people died, and in this case it was some of the younger Hogwarts students...

This also kinda suggests that Luna's "imaginary" creatures are sort of the magical world's version of fantasy. Like we have dragons, witches, goblins, etc. and they aren't real to us, but in the magical world they are real, so maybe back during the middle ages the magical people thought these "imaginary" creatures were real and could cause harm to them like we thought witches and werewolves could to us...this is just a fun idea

Every Thursday night the ghosts...Collapse )


I was amused...th image itself is kinda crappy, but whatever

Don't own Snape, the squirrel, the leprechaun,  or the parrot, and I don't know who does...except for snape, we all know who owns him....

this is me complaining to my friend about a crappy fic...

"And look, here's a picture of my great, great uncle Harry Amos Potter in 479 BC listening to his Ipod in New York City!"

*snickers* now children what's wrong with this picture?


*continues with the spoofiness* "what you mean my mother wasn't a muggle born?  I'm a magical creature? Oh my Merlin! What will I do now? *friendship with Draco spontaneously develops*"

*cries in Draco's arms* "oh Harry, all will be well, soon you'll shack up with my godfather"

*Ron points* "you dirty black haired person you, how dare you hang out with evil boy and forsake our false friendship"

*Harry slits wrist* "I’m so unloved and hated”

*Draco cries and calls up godfather* "Oh Severus, godfather of mine, I saw Harry committing suicide and did nothing but run in the opposite direction to find you, the mate of his magical creature side"

*Snape runs after Harry, much snoggage occurs, Voldemort spontaneously combusts, Harry is impregnated, Hermione is impregnated by a doting, suddenly loyal to Harry Ron, and Draco falls in love with some random minor character, a badly written bonding ceremony ensues*




A little food for thought

So, after looking at my journal for a little while, I have decided that it really didn't have a purpose. I decided to give it one, I have tons of files (14 to be exact, that's a hell of a lot for me) on my computer of unpublished, unfinished HP fic ideas that never went anywhere and I've decided to make this their home. Now, none of these will probably ever be finished, though I do have lots of hope for the Scooby Doo spoof, but they are fun (and/or badly written because they span back to middle school) and they're really just plot bunnies so if they give someone an idea--all the better! But this is their home now...
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